Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"It's Moving Day"

It’s Moving Day
Written by: Pamela Hickman
Illustrated by: Geraldo Valério
Published by: Kids Can Press, Ltd. In Tonawanda, NY in 2008
ISBN: 978-1-55453-074-8
Genre(s): Picture Book
Reading Level: Grade 2
Activity Level: Grade 2

Summary: This is a book about animal habitats and when certain animals move throughout the year. It talks about the woodchuck, the cottontail rabbit, the yellow-spotted salamander, the raccoon, the red fox, the Eastern milk snake, the Eastern chipmunk, and the striped skunk. Each animal that is discussed has a reason for moving, such as their home being destroyed by a storm, or them getting too big for the house, etc. This book is a great introduction to animal habitats.

Response: I like that this book would so easily fit into a second grade classroom discussing animal habitats. It almost seems as though the author intended for that to be the case!

The illustrations in this work are brightly colored with blended colors and very flowing shapes. The animals are realistic in their colors, but not always in their sizes relative to other things. However, this could be a very good thing for young children because perspective with them is not always as important as recognizing these animals and understanding their habitats. There are not great details in the illustrations, either, but they are very child-like, therefore, the children will be very appreciative of viewing this work. All of the illustrations in this work, with the exception of the first one, are double-page spreads.

Teaching Connections: A second grade teacher could read this work to her students to begin a lesson on animal habitats. After reading this book, the she should read the information in the back of the book about each animal in the book and then assign small groups of students to create the habitats in which each of these eight these animals live, using common household items.

What Students Learn: From this book and activity, students learn about the habitats of several common animals, which is a part of the NC second grade curriculum.

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