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"Foods of Greece"

Foods of Greece
Written by: Barbara Sheen
Photographs by: Various
Published by: Kidhaven Press in Detroit, Michigan in 2006
ISBN: 0-7377-3033-1
Genre(s): Picture Book, Informational Text (Multicultural Work)
Reading Level: Grade 4
Activity Level: Grade 2

Summary: This book begins with a short introduction to Greece and a unique map that tells of the types of foods readily available to the Greeks, such as much seafood. It then talks about the importance of olives and the varieties and olive oil. The next section of this book discusses the favorite foods of many Greeks and teaches readers what those foods are. Throughout this work, there are many recipes of other Greek foods talked about within and at the end there is a metric conversion chart, a glossary of important terms, and a list of books and websites for students to further their knowledge about Greece and Greek foods.

Response: I love that this book goes into so much detail about the foods of Greece, telling some of their history and giving some general information about the foods. I also love the way the book intermingles the recipes into the text.

The photographs in this book are of varying sizes and are of real Grecians buying, selling, cooking, and cultivating these foods as well as of the foods themselves. They give a real-world application of the information in the book to readers.

Teaching Connections: With this book a second grade teacher could read it to her class in a unit about foods around the world and other countries. She could make some of the foods in this book with her students and possibly take them to a Greek restaurant for them to experience the “flavors of Greece” from those who know how to best cook Greek food. The teacher could also have her students create Venn Diagram to compare Greek and “American” foods, etc.

What Students Learn: From this book and this activity, students learn about Greek food and a little about Greek culture.

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